Los Angeles

The Fortress

The Scoop

The Fortress is a recording studio in downtown Los Angeles, whose hundred-year-old, ivy-covered brick walls protect hordes of analog and vintage recording devices. The young studio's mission is to harbor a unity between the wild infant soul of the mid-20th century's music, and the ease and innovation of modern recording.

ROOM RATES with ENGINEER (hourly): Contact for Rates
Clients/Credits: No Doubt, Christina Perri, The Fortress Social Club, Kan Wakan, The Warlocks, Queen Caveat, Haddon Cord
Key Staff / In-House or Associated Talent: Mykul Lee, Max Coane
Special Features: SSL Console, Vintage Neve Console, Baby Grand Piano, Large Tracking Room, Video Cameras, Projectors, Full Kitchen, Event Space, Private Lounge, Office, Pool Table


Consoles, DAWs, Tape Machines: SSL SL4048G+ Console with 44 E Series /4 G Series Equalizers, Custom 1977 Vintage Neve Console with 12 Neve 1063 Mic Preamp/Equalizers, Avid Pro Tools HD 10, Avid Sync HD, Antelope Audio Isochron OCX Clock, (3) Apogee Symphony I/Os (32 Inputs Total / 64 Outputs Total), Alesis Masterlink ML-9600, Power Mac 8 Core, 24 GB RAM, 2 Avid HDX Cards, Revox B77 Stereo 1/4”
Outboard Gear: (8) API 3124+, (2) Telefunken V72, Manley Dual Mono, (2) Pultec EQP 1A3 (Stereo Matched), (2) Retro Double Wide Compressors, (2) UREI 1178 Compressors, UREI 1176 Compressor, (3) Universal Audio LA3A Compressors, (2) Empirical Labs Distressor, (2) Neve 2254 Compressors, (2) Neve 32264a Compressors, Chandler Limited TG1 Limiter, Federal AM864 U Broadcast Limiter, (2) SPL Transient Designer 4, Roland RE-201 Space Echo, AMS DMX 1580s Delay/Pitch Shifter/Sampler, AMS RMX-16 Digital Reverb, Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb, Line 6 Echo Pro Digital Reverb, Echo Plex - Solid State
Microphones: AKG C24 Stereo (tube), (2) Neumann U67 (1963/1967) (tube), (2) Neumann KM53 (1955/1957) (omni tube), Wunder Audio CM7 (tube), Neumann U47  (FETi), Neumann U87 (1976) (condenser), (2) Neumann KM184 (2007/2007) (condenser), Beyer 160 (ribbon), RCA BK5A (ribbon), Royer 121 (ribbon), Coles 4038 (ribbon), Sennheiser E602  (dynamic), (8) Shure SM57 (dynamic), AKG D19 (dynamic), Audix D6 (dynamic), Yamaha Sub Kick (dynamic), AKG D14A (dynamic)
Monitoring: UREI 813C Mains, ProAc Studio 100s, Yamaha NS-10s, KRK ST6s
Software: Pro Tools 10, Plug-Ins galore, Adobe CS6, Final Cut 7
Instruments & Amps: Hammond B3 (50s), Chickering Baby Grand Piano, Baldwin Baby Grand Piano, Chaplain Field Pump Organ, 1969 Ludwig Drum Kit (24” Kick, 12/13/16” Toms), Tama Bell Brass Snare, Ludwig Black Beauty Snare, Fender Precision Bass , Gibson Hollow-Body Bass (1964), Danelectro Guitar with Whammy (60’s), Silvertone 1448, Fender Telecaster, Martin DX1 Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Martin Acoustic Guitar (000-1R), Cordoba Iberia Series Acoustic Guitar, 2 Roland Juno 60s, M-Audio Axiom 49, Moog Lil Phatty; AMPS: AC30CC2 30 Watt + access to many vintage & new VOX amps (ask when you call); Fender Deluxe Reverb (1965), Ampeg Portaex B15N (1970), Leslie 122 rotary speaker cabinet, Marshall 1960A 4x12, Mesa Boogie Dual Rectier, Orange Rocker 30 30 Watt, Orange 120Watt 4x12 CAB 40th Anniversary, Diezel VH4, Fender Princeton 40W, Ampeg SVT Bass Amp, Ampeg BA-110